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Come on, let's save the forest! Green up with Peter!

We all need fresh air and green forests to live healthily.
We plant trees and flowering meadows to leave behind a stable climate and a natural environment rich in species.


Forests are habitats for a wide variety of plants and animals. They store the greenhouse gas CO2, produce vital oxygen and are an important supplier of raw materials.

Since our foundation, we have therefore been intensively committed to the protection and afforestation of forest areas in Germany. In this way, we not only create new living spaces, but also a place of recreation for people and, at the same time, make a measurable contribution to environmental and climate protection.

But GREEN UP WITH PETER is much more. Since 2021 we have also dedicated ourselves to the protection of bees and other insects. They are important pollinators and the basis of a complex food web that benefits birds and other threatened species. So we work in many areas to do something good for people and nature and to keep both healthy. To this end, we are doing everything we can to exclusively produce in an environmentally friendly, recyclable and sustainable manner in the future.


Forests help to keep the climate stable by storing CO2 from the atmosphere during their growth, so it cannot contribute to further global warming. We maintain around 1,000 hectares (approx. 1,400 soccer fields) of mixed forest in Schleswig-Holstein and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. Every year, with your support, over 150,000 new trees are added, which we plant and care for until they have grown into a climate-stable forest. In this way we make an important contribution to climate protection – for you, for us and for many endangered and strictly protected species that live in our forests. Our efforts are measurable. Each of our mature trees produces the oxygen needs of about ten people every day and filters a ton of fine dust and other particles from the air every year.


  • We maintain 1,000 hectares of climate-stable mixed forest (approx. 1,400 soccer fields)
  • We only plant on property, so the forest remains under our protection
  • Without exception, we plant seedlings grown in Germany
  • We have already planted 404,423 trees and over 1 million square meters of flowering meadows
  • Every year we plant new trees and flowering areas for sustainable nature conservation
  • Otters, beavers and white-tailed eagles live with us, as do deer, roe deer, foxes and rabbits, and new species are added every year
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