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Nothing makes you so happy
like a child's laughter


Carefree moments for a happier future

Every child deserves a carefree childhood. In order to be able to develop freely and healthily, children should not have to burden themselves with the worries and needs of adults. We therefore admire people who help to fulfill children’s wishes, give them courage and promote their talents. Since we cannot reach every child, it is important to us to support those who give children a happier future – it is a matter of the heart for us!

Since 2019 we have supported over 350 projects with Peter helps

With our Peter Helps initiative, we support projects in kindergartens, schools, clubs and organizations that are dedicated to the upbringing, support and education of children and adolescents. Those responsible can contact Peter helps directly with their requests. We also regularly organize courses and workshops ourselves, which teach children important skills and give them a change from everyday life.

In 2022 we equipped 50 children's and youth teams with jerseys

Peter helps - What has happened so far

It all started in 2019 when Peter helps was born. But the idea of giving children and young people beautiful experiences and carefree moments has not only been one of our heartstrings since then – it has always been part of Peter’s DNA.

Since 2019, Peter hilft has been supporting children and youth projects with over 500,000 euros

With start-up capital of 45,000 euros, 49 projects dedicated to the well-being of children and young people were able to be supported in the first year. With the beginning of the corona pandemic in 2020, the budget was increased to 55,000 euros and, despite the ongoing crisis, increased again by 10,000 euros in 2021. When war broke out in Ukraine in 2022, we donated 70,000 euros to aid projects in the war zone in addition to our local projects. In the first four years of Peter helps, we have already supported many important social projects with 350,000 euros. In 2023, 150,000 euros are already planned. BSo far, 80 actions have been carried out and some will follow. In the coming year we want to almost double this sum and expand our commitment even further in the years to come. Why? Children are our future and they need our support!

Every child deserves carefree moments and a happy future

Peter’s Workshops

That money alone does not bring happiness is an old adage from which a new idea arose. Therefore, in addition to financial support, we also attach importance to donating time. Whether it’s packing school bags for first graders or together with well-known personalities in one of our regular courses and workshops – Peter helps is also an affair of the heart for our employees. In the lovingly designed and enthusiastically conducted courses and workshops, children learn, for example, how to prepare delicious dishes from our chefs, can try their hand at biking with BMX star Chris Böhm and dance with Christina Luft. In April 2023, 30 children also passed the “Seepferdchen” in cooperation with the DLRG. Other workshops: application workshops, self-defence workshops, riding workshops, reading groups and much more.


Peter helps is an initiative by Peter Pane and is dedicated to supporting projects that promote and develop children and young people.

Every child – regardless of their origin and social background – deserves a carefree childhood. Supporting children is particularly important to us. That is why we are involved with financial aid and our own projects.

We support projects dedicated to the advancement and education of children and young people. These are e.g. equipment for clubs, kindergartens, schools and other relevant organizations.

So far we have supported more than 350 projects with more than 500,000 euros and plan to expand our commitment in the coming years.

We would be happy to discuss with you how we can support you. Send your wishes to Svea and Annika at [email protected]

Chris Böhm

We have a special friendship with the BMX pro Chris Böhm with many joint activities around Peter helps. This great cooperation led to the development of a completely new concept for the support of children and young people in 2022. In specially designed workshops, we are now able to donate money as well as the most important gift there is for children: TIME TOGETHER

In addition, Chris Böhm developed the world’s first BMX therapy and is the current Guinness world record holder. With a fan base of 2.3 million followers on social media, he reaches many people with his passion.

Together we have therefore realized a total of three BMX workshops for children and young people in 2022 and further activities are also planned for 2023.
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We were so enthusiastic about the workshop idea that, in addition to the BMX workshops, we also held a dance workshop with Christina Luft (known from Let’s Dance), several cooking workshops with our central and regional kitchen managers for the children and young people in various facilities , as well as application workshops with Clemens von Ramin and swimming courses with the DLRG.

The following workshops are planned for 2023:
BMX workshop
Cooking workshop
Application workshop
Breakdance workshop
Riding workshop
Self defense workshop
Craft workshop

In addition, so many other great projects are already being planned for 2023 that unfortunately we can only accept your heart’s desires again for the coming year 2024. We look forward to every inquiry.