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Action Peter helps 2023


We do what others only talk about

Throughout September 2023 we will donate 1 euro to Peter helps for every portion of fries ordered.

Every child deserves unforgettable moments - help us make dreams come true.

Giving children and young people a good time – regardless of their origin and social background – has been important to us since our foundation. That’s why in 2019 we made Peter helps one of our heartstrings. Since then we have supported around 350 projects that serve to promote and educate children and young people. Sometimes it’s just things that make you happy, for example new balls for the youth team, a changing table for the day care center or the “Seepferdchen” for swimming beginners – sometimes it’s bigger wishes that we can fulfill.

Can we also grant you a wish?

So far we have donated more than 500,000 euros for kindergartens, schools, clubs and non-profit organizations and organized many of our own courses and workshops. Because the greatest gift is TIME TOGETHER.

In 2023 we have already carried out 80 campaigns and want to provide at least 150,000 euros for Peter helps - help us to make this dream come true.

In 2023 we want to significantly increase our commitment again and need your support to do so. Our goal is to enable as many children as possible to have a childhood full of carefree moments so that they can develop healthily and grow into strong adults. We want to donate 1 euro to Peter helps for every portion of fries sold at Peter Pane in September 2023 and thus raise at least 150,000 euros for new projects. Do you support us?

In addition, we are giving away 50 high-quality jersey sets for children's and youth teams

Team sports are not only a wonderful workout for the body, but also a real challenge for the mind. Tactical thinking creates new connections in the brain and playing sports together promotes children’s social skills. They learn important skills such as team spirit, fairness, respect and tolerance, as well as how to deal with conflicts. We believe that we are stronger together and should support each other. That’s why we’re giving away 50 high-quality jersey sets for children’s and youth teams in addition to all other Peter helps projects.

This is what we have achieved so far with Peter helps:

Since 2021 we have already organized five great workshops with the professional Flatland BMXer and Guinness World Record holder Chris Böhm, another one is planned for this autumn. In each workshop, ten to 15 children aged six to 16 could learn tricks and jumps and enjoy a great meal at Peter Pane’s with Chris Böhm.

Since 2022, our regional kitchen managers have held three cooking workshops on site in clubs and schools, where delicious burgers, wedges with salad and dessert were served and generated enthusiasm. Cooking and eating together is simply good.

In 2022 we were able to inspire the professional dancer Christina Luft to conduct a dance workshop with us in Oldenburg. In addition to the basic steps of standard dances, it was also possible to get a taste of many other dance styles. Another hip-hop style dance workshop is already being planned.

Since 2022, we have been conducting application training at comprehensive schools in the 9th grade with our Peter Pane audio book narrator Clemens von Ramin, which each lasts a week and provides important tips on the subject of applications and job interviews.

In April 2023, we were able to hold a swimming course together with the DLRG for the first time, in which 30 children were able to learn to swim and then received the “Seepferdchen”. Dieses Engagement planen wir im nächsten Jahr bundesweit auszurollen.