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Broiler Chicken Initiative

We support the European Broiler Chicken Initiative and thus set an example for animal welfare. By 2026, we plan to align our supply chain with the criteria of the European Broiler Chicken Initiative.

An important step towards this goal is product development in cooperation with a major producer belonging to the initiative. Our ambition is to work with this supplier to find a product that is a little more in line with the quality promise and the broiler initiative.

Peter Pane is committed to using 100% chicken meat by 2026 as part of the European Broiler Chicken Initiative, whose producers meet the following housing conditions:

  1. Implementation of a maximum stocking density of 30 kg/m².
  2. Use of breeds or hybrid lines that meet increased animal welfare criteria.These are currently: Hubbard Redbro (new) (confinement also with outdoor
    climate, not suitable for free range or organic); or Hubbard Norfolk Black, JA757, JACY57, 787, 957, 987, Rambler Ranger, Ranger Classic, Ranger Gold, or other breeds and hybrid lines that meet the criteria of the “RSPCA Broiler Breed Welfare Assessment Protocol”.
  3. Meeting the following criteria for improved housing conditions:
    • Minimum light intensity of 50 lux, including daylight
    • At least two meters of usable perches and two pecking opportunities per 1000 animals.
    • At least compliance with the air quality requirements stipulated in Annex II 3 of the EU Directive on the protection of chickens kept for meat production (ammonia concentration max. 20 ppm and carbon dioxide concentration max. 3000 ppm), irrespective of the actual stocking density
    • No cages or other housing systems with multiple levels
    • Application of controlled atmosphere stunning by means of inert gases or multistage systems or effective electrical stunning without head overhanging
    • Demonstrate compliance with above standards through independent third-party audits and annual public reporting on progress under this commitment.”

Already today, our suppliers implement the (EC) VO 1099/2009 in the stunning of the animals.The current stocking density of the rearing areas is 33 kg/sqm and is expected to be further reduced by 2026.
In 2023, a changeover of goods is already planned. With this step, we can then 100% eliminate cage rearing at our producers’ suppliers.